Inspector Snew is Back!

Hi Everyone! Remember me? Well, in case you don’t remember, this is Inspector Snew–your guide to style, fashion and life. I deeply apologize for the long hiatus, but I am ready to get back up and running! Let’s just call this Inspector Snew 2.0

Here are a few new things to expect from Inspector Snew 2.0

  • Eat-I am no Bobby Flay, but I will share with you some good eats I like to cook. Thanks to Pinterest, I have a ton of recipes I am dying to try
  • Do- I am a pretty private person, but if I do or see something cool in NYC, I will definitely capture that moment and share it with everyone. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to suggest!
  • Chat-If I hear something in the news (anything from politics to celebrities) and I feel that it is worth the discussion, I will post my opinion. I’m not saying you have to agree with me, but you will receive bonus points if you do!
  • See-This section will review on any new TV shows, movies, plays, etc. that I see.
  • Wear-As always, I will always provide the latest trends in fashion.

To start things off for {Wear} I have a fabulous little post for you on the perfect trend for spring: Flowers. Now I know it is pretty cliche for flowers to be a trend for spring, but lately the trend has exploded. You can find it in every store, and many designers featured the trend on the runway last fall. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces.

Sketch 2013-05-01 22_55_41 for $47

2-Alice + Olivia at on SALE for $118 for $29.80

4- Nanette Lapore at for $144 for $32

The Season of the Shoulders

Season of the shoulders? What does that mean?

Well, I’ll tell ya. It means that this fall, you need to add volume to those shoulders of yours. Now, I am not talking about the 80s shoulder pads, but I am talking about shoulder pads with a modern twist. Still don’t know what I am talking about?? That’s okay, I prefer pictures anyway.

Longhouse Stretch Denim Blazer - Lauren Jeans Co. -

This blazer is a great because it defines the shoulders. It is $139 at

This dress by Black Halo is great for fall. It is really elegant and chic. It also comes in aqua. It is $345 at

The ruffles on the shoulders add something extra to the dress. It also comes in pink. It is $39 at

This origami dress is perfect for the office. It will definitely make your shoulders stand out. It is $142 at

Great Crusade, Button Front Blazer, ships 10/27

This velvet blazer is essential for the upcoming season.It is $149 at

Part of Your World

One of my favorite movies when I was little was The Little Mermaid. Summer is the perfect season to channel this amazing movie. Look at the items below to find your inner mermaid. 

Ocean Love Potion Nail Colour

I love this nail color. It is definitely embracing the mermaid motif. The color is called Ocean Love Potion. At, it is $9

R.J. Graziano "Bead Bonanza" Simulated Turquoise 7-Row 18-1/2" Necklace

I love this turquoise beaded necklace. It is has 7 layers. The designer is R.J. Graziano. At, it is $49.95.

These shoes are gorgeous and I love this mint green color. They are $140 at Musthaveshoes.comT1YY6 Rebecca Taylor Satin Olivia Dress

This dress by Rebecca Taylor is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for summer. It is mermaid inspired without it being so literal. It is on SALE for $192 at

Gotta have a coral bag. I love this one by Volcom. It is on SALE for $29.99 at

Juicy Couture Seashell "Wish" Necklace 15"This sweet necklace is the icing on the cake. The seashell necklace is by Juicy Couture. At, it is $48.


Long and Lovely

I am always looking for new trends when it comes to dresses. I sometimes get bored with the basic styles. I did my research, and I found a long sleeved dress. I thought it was so interesting to wear a long sleeved mini dress. I like these for the summer. At every restaurant you go to, they blast the AC and you have you bring a jacket. With a long sleeved dress, there is no need. On the plus side, they look sexy and chic. They are perfect for the night on the town. Note: To make it more summery, make sure the print is summery (stay away from browns), and add summer stilettos or sandals.

Anne Klein Dress Women's Firework Floral Long Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress with Belt 

This Anne Klein dress is on SALE for $117.60 at

click for zoom

I love this dress by Tibi. It is on SALE for $269.50 at

American Apparel is one of my favorite lines. I absolutely love this wrap dress. It is perfect for all seasons. It comes in 8 different colors too! At, it is $44. What a deal!!

This is the perfect summer long sleeved dress. This Juicy Couture dress will look great with heels or sandals. Wear it out on the town or to the beach. It is so versatile. At or, it is $158.

Good Night, Sleep Chic

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love looking cute when I sleep…well most nights I do. The thing about looking cute when you’re sleeping is that you really don’t have to put a lot of thought into it. You don’t need any accessories except of your pillow, a warm blanket, and a really comfortable bed. Below are some cute pajamas that I love…because you never know who you may see in your dreams.


I really like this HUE chemise. I looks super comfy. I love wearing nightgowns such as this one because they aren’t fussy. You simply slip it on and hit the pillow. At, it is on SALE for $23.80.


I saw these long sleeve tissue tees at Victoria Secret last week, and I wanted to buy them in every single color. They are so soft, I am not kidding. I would totally sleep in these every night. I really like the long sleeve because I like putting the fan on when I am sleeping. So, these are perfect. They come in all of the colors shown above and they come in short sleeve and tank tops. By the way, wear this top with jeans. This top is not exclusive to the bedroom! At, the tissue long sleeve tee is on SALE for $15.


Boy do these look comfy. I love wearing lounge pants on a lazy Sunday. These are perfect. They will also look cute with the tissue tees from above. At, they are $48.


This PJ set is either cute for you, or it is great to give as a gift. Any woman can lounge in this and look amazing in this Juicy Couture set. At, this set is only $45.

Sweet dreams.

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