Inspector Snew is Back!

Hi Everyone! Remember me? Well, in case you don’t remember, this is Inspector Snew–your guide to style, fashion and life. I deeply apologize for the long hiatus, but I am ready to get back up and running! Let’s just call this Inspector Snew 2.0

Here are a few new things to expect from Inspector Snew 2.0

  • Eat-I am no Bobby Flay, but I will share with you some good eats I like to cook. Thanks to Pinterest, I have a ton of recipes I am dying to try
  • Do- I am a pretty private person, but if I do or see something cool in NYC, I will definitely capture that moment and share it with everyone. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to suggest!
  • Chat-If I hear something in the news (anything from politics to celebrities) and I feel that it is worth the discussion, I will post my opinion. I’m not saying you have to agree with me, but you will receive bonus points if you do!
  • See-This section will review on any new TV shows, movies, plays, etc. that I see.
  • Wear-As always, I will always provide the latest trends in fashion.

To start things off for {Wear} I have a fabulous little post for you on the perfect trend for spring: Flowers. Now I know it is pretty cliche for flowers to be a trend for spring, but lately the trend has exploded. You can find it in every store, and many designers featured the trend on the runway last fall. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces.

Sketch 2013-05-01 22_55_41 for $47

2-Alice + Olivia at on SALE for $118 for $29.80

4- Nanette Lapore at for $144 for $32

Go Green, Be Merry

In honor of Earth Day next Wednesday, I thought I would include some products that will make it easier for EVERYONE to go green. These products are so great. And, stay tuned for future eco-friendly posts next week.


The easiest way to go green is to take reusable bags to the grocery store. These bags are perfect because they are large and lightweight. All 5 bags come in a compact travel bag so you can just stick it in your shopping cart and go! For a set of 5, they are on SALE for $33.89 at


Do you know how many plastic bottles get thrown away? A LOT! Instead of using bottled water, fill up your bottle with tap (come on, it tastes the same..or better yet, get a Brita pitcher!). These Klean Kanteen bottles are great. I love the variety of colors, especially the pink. They are $19.75 each at


Love music? Then these speakers are great. They are DIY speakers that you can design and they are made with 70% recycled paper. Just build, plug in your iPod, and rock out! What a great gift too. At, they are $18.


How cute is this? Just pop the top, add water and sunshine, and VOILA! flowers in a can. So cute. Choose between dahlia, geranium, impatiens, and pansies. They are $11 each at

The 3-D Flowerbed

I love this spring jewelry. They are flowered theme, and they will definitely make a statement. They are great conversation starters. You can wear them to a garden party or wear to a more formal event. Either way, you will look fabulous.


I love this gorgeous bib necklace. It is so elelgant and you can wear it to a formal event. It is even made in Italy. At, it is $198.


This is defnitely the bangle of bloom. It is so sweet, and the flowers are made from silk. It is $68 at


This cocktail ring is so cute. It is a great, cheap piece that will make your outift pop. It also comes in black. It is $6.80 at


These gold hoops are so precious. And the flower on them are so dainty. They are made by designer Jacquie Aiche Abolone. At, they are $288.

Spring has Sprung

This past Sunday, we turned our clocks forward in order to prep for spring. The days are getting longer and the temperature is rising. Pretty soon the grass will be fully grown and our flowers will start to bloom. Ahh…I love spring.

Now, I wouldn’t say that I have a green thumb. In fact, I believe I have only planted one flower ever, and it died due to dehydration or too much sun.

So this year, I have decided to spare the flowers. Why plant a garden, when you can wear one?

flower1Ralph Lauren has created this stunning dress. The print is very retro but perfect for any age. It is $188 at


I love this floral tunic by Vince. It is pure silk. This would look so cute with a pair of jeans and flats. It is $195 at


This Michael Kors dress is really flattering for any body type. The dress is simple and perfect for picnics or a casual dinner. It is $129.5o at


Even men can wear floral print! These Tommy Bahama swim trunks are on SALE at for $52.90

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