Custom Made For My Sweet Tooth

Everyone has to have something sweet every so often. I found some great companies/ bakeries that allows you to customize your order. Custom-made desserts that are sent to your door…. what could be better???!???

sample custom cupcakes

The Sweet Tooth Fairy is a bakery out of Provo, Utah. Their cupcakes are so adorable. They are $28 for a dozen and custom cupcakes start at $3.50 each at

I absolutely love cheesecake!! This website I found lets you CUSTOMIZE your very own cheesecake. OMG. You choose the crust, the candies, cookie and cake fillings, flavors, fruits, nuts, and spreads. Wow! What would I choose? Let’s see. I would like brownie crust, milk chocolate chips, Snicker bar pieces,  and Nutella spread. Each cheesecake is $38 at

If you want custom ice cream, I found the answer to your prayers, but it’s going to cost you. It is so worth it because everything is of the finest quality and gourmet. You choose the base, flavor, and mixins. It costs $119.99 for 4 pints and $149.99 for 8 pints. Make your custom ice cream at

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