Holiday Gift Guide: The Preppy

Canvas-and-Leather Large Tote - Create Your Own - RalphLauren.comCanvas-and-Leather Mini Tote - Create Your Own - RalphLauren.comCanvas-and-Leather Medium Tote - Create Your Own -

These bags by Ralph Lauren make great gifts. You can personalize the pony and the initials on the bag. The large is $145, the medium is $125, and the small is $55 at


These silk ponytail scarves so precious and preppy. Tie them in your hair, around your neck, around your bag, etc. They comes in a variety of colors and prints. They are $38 at

These flats are so adorable. They look super comfortable, and they are made out of vegan material! They are $28 at

This hat and scarf set is the perfect gift. It is so adorable and they  will keep you nice and warm this holiday season. They also comes in black and pink. The set is $95 at

canvas anne pocket organizer

The preppy are always organized, so this pocket organizer is perfect. It is $75 at

Solid Pique Headband

If you need a quick and cute preppy gift that isn’t expensive. This headband is perfect. It comes in 8 other colors. It is $14 at

Standard Press Gang Pea Coat

I love peacoats on guys. My mom and I picked out one for my dad and it is the best thing we ever bought him! I love this peacoat by Standard. It also comes in navy. It is $118 at

This money clip is really nice and perfect for any man in your life. It also comes in black. It is $48 at

Holiday Gift Guide: The Techie

I am so excited for today’s post because it is the beginning of my Holiday Gift Guide Series. This is my first holiday  season to write about. I know there is a recession going on so I am going to find the best gifts for your money. Today, I searched for great gifts for the techie. They love gadgets, but they want to look good as well. Take a look at some of my findings!

USB Heated Blanket

I am cold natured so this item is perfect for me. It is an electric blanket that plugs into your computer. Smart right!? It comes in these 2 colors. You can wrap them around your legs or your shoulders. It is $30 at

I thought this laptop sleeve was pretty cute. It comes in 2 sizes: 14.1 inches and 15.4 inches. It is $36 at

Juicy Couture made these adorable cases for your Blackberry and your iPhone. They each come in set of 3 for $58 at

This is on my wish list this holiday season because I love to read. The Nook holds up to 1,500 books. You can download thousands of free books at Barnes and Noble. New books cost around $10 each. Take this device with you everywhere instead of your heavy book!. It is $259 at Also Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler created adorable cases for the Nook!

I know that my cousin, Bradley will love this. The iSpin is a portable DJ mixer. You take 2 iPods, and you can mix your music. It is $199 at

Party Clutch

It is that time of the year when you go to all the fancy parties for the holidays. Small, fancy clutches are the perfect accessory to wear with your party dress. Take a look, and get ready to party!

Franchi Feather Frame Clutch

I love this Franchi clutch. It is very sparkly and perfect for any party dress. It comes in red, black, gold and silver as well. It is $148 at

Wave Sequin Clutch Bag

This clutch also comes in brown. I love the wavy pattern. It is very 80’s looking but modern at the same time. It is $65 at


This clutch has the illusion of a snakeskin print. The metallic colors make it much dressier. It is $30 at

Whiting & Davis Bubble and Flat Mesh Clutch

This clutch by Whiting & Davis is perfect for a formal event. It comes with a strap and it is also available in black. It is $125 at

Image of Tuxedo Cherub Clutch

I absolutely love this clutch. It is handmade. It comes in over a dozen colors. It is $95 at

Lair of Bracelets

Layered bracelets are not only one of the hottest trends today, but they are totally good looking. I love the look of layering multiple bracelets. It is a easy way to spice up any outfit.

black leather spike wrap bracelet

This leather wrap bracelet give a great illusion that you are wearing multiple bracelets. They come in 4 other colors. They are $92 at

This messy monstrosity is pretty awesome. It not only can be a wrapped bracelet, but its is a necklace and a headband. You can wear it in so many ways. You will have to check out the website, Gemma Redux to see all the ways to wear it. They range from $98 to $158

Double Chain Bracelet

This one is very sweet and dainty. It is great for a fancier occasion. It is $38 at

Gold Tone Pave Set Bangles

This bangle set is is great! You wear it with anything. It also comes in rose and white silver. They are $100 for a set of 3 at

I Love a Beret!

I have always been a hat person. My mom influenced me at a young age. The fall and winter is my favorite time of the year to wear hats. They are so cute and they keep my ears warm. I have to say though that berets are my absolute favorite. I have always been a Parisian at heart.

I love this knit one. It also comes in gold and grey. It is $19.50 at

Product Image Merona® Solid Wool Beret - Black

I have one similar to this one by Merona that my mom passed down to me. This one is definitely a steal! At you can many more of them in different colors. They are $12.99. I might have to get the white one!

Multi Sequin Beret

This beret is for the ultra glamourous. It also comes in a darker brown and black. It is $32 at

Juicy Couture Studded Felt Beret

Juicy Couture created this adorable studded beret. It also comes in black. It is $55 at

felt flowers beret

This one is a bit of a splurge but it is adorable. I love the little flowers. It is $95 at

Pie Chart Beret

This chunky one is great for when it is really cold outside. I love the fun colors too. It also comes in blue and grey. It is $48 at

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