Stilettos Under $100

I recently did a post about the shoe designer, Brian Atwood, and one of my readers wrote a comment saying that they would like to see stilettos similar to Atwood’s without the hefty price. I mean, who can really afford those shoes?

So, here are shoes similar to Brian Atwood, but they won’t clean out your wallet. They are all under $100!


Atwood featured a stiletto with crossing straps just like these. These are for a fraction of the price. They also come in red and tan. They are by Nine West. At, they are $71.06


I showed a stiletto similar to this except that it was fuchsia. But, I love these by Me Too. It is very elegant and perfect for evening. They also come in dark brown and black. They are $88.95 at


These stilettos by J. Renee are great. I love the lizard print detail and the gold heel. They also come in a beautiful taupe color as well.  At, they are $74.95.


On, they have a pair of sandals by Atwood that look just like these. Those are $725. These, on the other hand, are only $78.95,  and they come in so many other colors too. You can find them at

Keep Your Pinky Up For Under $100

I get an email from the other day, and when I open up the email…BAM! A splash of pink is taking over my computer screen. Pink, pink everywere! Light pink, dark pink and every shade in between. So, I am thinking to myself  “Ok, I guess pink is in. Thank you, Neiman Marcus….your message has been received!”

The thing I love about the color pink is that it goes with EVERY skin tone. And you can mix and match different shades as well as other colors such as black, blue, green, orange, white, etc. I have done a little bit of research because who can really afford Neiman Marcus?


This dress from Forever 21 is so cute. It has a feather trim slip which is adds great detail. And, can you believe that it is only $20?


This watch is a great accessory for a simple outfit.  It is a great standout piece. At, it is only $12.80


I really love is one piece bathing suit by Kimichi. It is 50s inspired, and it is very flattering. I love this sweet pink. Very lovely. It is $98 at


This T-strap sandal is also a great accessory. It is great for a casual dinner, a day of shopping, and the beach. It has a strap and buckle around the ankle. At, they are $28.


I love, love, love this T-shirt dress from American Apparel! It is so cute and casual, but you can definitely dress it up with accessories. Wear this dress with a cute belt! It is only $30.


I love this Longchamp Mini. It is small, but you can fit your wallet, cell phone, keys, and lipstick (all of the essentials). This peony pink is adorable. It is $98 at

Tory’s Tunics

So, for those of you who know me know that I love Tory Burch. If only I could afford her; although, I do lug around her tote bag as my school bag now that I think about it. But, I am not going to talk about Tory Burch’s tote bags–although, they are fabulous–I wanted to talk about her tunics.

Now, tunics are really practical for spring and summer. They are super lightweight and so easy to wear. You can wear it as a cover-up over a bathing suit, wear it with skinny white jeans or a skirt and heals. They are so versatile.  Below are some of my favorites. You can find all of her tunics at








This tunic can be pre-ordered from for $425.

*Can’t afford the tunics? No worries! Stay tuned for a post about buying tunics on a budget!

Cashin Carry

So, I am loving Coach’s new line of bags called Bonnie. The line is named after the inspirational fashion designer, Bonnie Cashin. Like Cashin, this line likes to incorporate bright colors and industrial hardware. This line is perfect for spring.


I love this foldover crossbody bag. This bag is totally functional and perfect for every use. It also comes in seafoam/lime and camel/sand. It is $278 at


Ok, now this bag I love, but I wish I an afford it. It is so ultra glamorous. It is $1,200 at


This bag is also adorable for spring. I love the hardware on this bag. It also comes in coral/fuchsia and chalk/navy for $248. There is also a silver metallic version for $278 at


This tote is perfect for either a day of shopping or as a laptop bag. I love the little coin purse on the side. The quote on the bag says, “I wouldn’t walk a block without my Cashin-Carry, especially down Madison Ave.” At Coach it is $298.

The Man

Today, I wanted to put the spotlight on designer, Brian Atwood. This guy does not get enough recognition to the world outside of celebrities and fashion shows.

Atwood is a model gone fashion designer. Before he created his own label, he became the first American designer to be hired at Versace in Milan. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Nicole Kidman have been seen wearing his amazing shoes. For more information about Brian Atwood, check out his website at


These peep-toe pumps are so adorable. They are perfect for spring. Pair it with a LBD or black pants to brighten up your color palette. They are $765 at


The pumps are crazy cute. They will look great with white jeans or a white dress. They are $770 at


These are from his Fall/Winter 08/09 collection, but they are fabulous!


And he makes bags too! I love this patent leather clutch. It also comes in coral. It is a whopping $1,660 at

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